Last Solo Flight

Yesterday, I completed my last solo vacation here in Italy. Palermo, located way down south in Sicilia, was the furthest and final destination on my “bucket list”. I feel that Palermo truly represents the historic and modern cultures of Sicilia and sincerely suggest a visit to any tourist.

Here are some of the most noteworthy and photogenic things I had the opportunity to see.

Il Teatro Massimo is europe’s third largest opera house (exterior pictured above). I watched three Soiree Roland ballets: Le Jeune Homme et la Mort, L’Arlésienne, and La Mer, which were all accompanied by a live orchestra. The main drawback was that Italian culture doesn’t prescribe behavior for cultural events. The house was full of chatter and *gasp* flash photography.


View from the box

I visited three famous oratorios – Oratorio del Rosario di San Domenica, Oratorio di San Lorenzo, and Oratorio di Santa Cita. These three are famous for the sculptures and interior design done by Giacomo Serpotto. Baroque art tends to be highly detailed and has a transformative quality of simple, small spaces like an oratorio. That being said, I’ve never seen those qualities as expertly executed as in Santa Cita.


Oratorio di Santa Cita

I’m going to start the following section with this statement: Palermo is very safe. But that doesn’t mean the people aren’t still fighting the Mafia’s presence and influence. The pizzo, or Mafia tax, is still being levied against most businesses. To combat this, the Addiopizzo foundation was formed to bring support to businesses that refuse to pay the pizzo. This cool bar proudly displays their membership to Addiopizzo.


Nearby Mondello Beach shows off the bluest Mediterranean water, mountains, and wildfires of Sicilia. These wildfires are actually the work of arsonists (Mafia) and have spread throughout northern Sicilia. Though I got to enjoyed the beach, other’s were being evacuated from their homes.


Sunbathers and wildfires

I truly enjoyed my time in Palermo and could keep writing for quite a while longer. But I need quit and wash dishes. Please enjoy the rest of my photos!

Palermo’s open air fish market shows off some of Sicilia’s handsomer bottom feeders.


The meat is actually red. Delicious!

Orto Bontanico di Palermo is the city’s botanical garden.


Water lilies!

Cappella Palatina – byzantine chapel


“We are Climbing Jacob’s ladder”

Palazzo dei Normanni – former palace of Sicilian kings, former seat of Sicilian Parliment, and now home of the Sicilian Regional Assembly.


Fancy paintings and chandeliers

“Hi, Grammy!”



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