A Day in Marche

Marche is the region next to door to Umbria. Like Bari, Marche is bordered by the Adriatic Sea. So this Saturday, my friend from Arezzo and I spent the day in Portonovo and Ancona.


We have arrived!!

Perugia was rainy and grey while the beach was less grey. We braved the cold water, ate bread and meat with a good beer, and fell asleep on the beach. I never thought I would reach that point in life when a good day is defined by a good nap.


Il Monumento ai Caduti

After the the beaches of Portonovo we got back in the car and went to Ancona. Ancona is a big port city, so the water isn’t as clean or the beaches as scenic. But built on the cliffs is Il Monumento ai Caduti. The Monument to the Fallen commemorates the life of soldiers who died in combat. Below the monument are stairs leading to palazzos facing the wide, open sea.


This place needs thematic music

This past week I’ve been saying good-bye. I’ve been making an effort to see several friends one last time before I leave. Admittedly, I cried when I got home after the day in Ancona. I leave Italy in just a few weeks. I can’t wait to come home, but there are so many people I’m going to miss.


Ancona city center


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