Milano Durante Pasqua

I’m visiting three Italian cities in three days. Here is update One!

The highlight of my day in Milan was a two hour visit of the primary cathedral, Santa Maria Nascente. The famous cathedral is a gothic structure with flying buttresses and countless spires. In contrast, the inside is quite barren. The high ceilings are supported by twenty or thirty immense pillars. The whole construction leaves you feeling very small.


Gothic Architecture


Afterward, I climbed to the roof to view the gothic-ness up close. After climbing the roofs and domes of a few cathedrals, I feel like I can offer a slight critique. Climbing the dome in Firenze is a very different experience than climbing the roof of Santa Maria Nascente. Brunelleschi’s dome was built in such a way that those ascending and descending took separate paths to minimize obstruction of work flow. Once you arrive at the peak of the duomo, there is a simple catwalk surrounding the dome from which you can view the city. In contrast ascending and descending the roof of Milano’s cathedral must be done by the same path. Not exactly efficient. But, instead of a walking around a small circular path, you get to walk on a football field of gothic art. There are statues and gargoyles showcasing the absolute most that Milano could offer. Before the roof was opened to visitors, I don’t know who these wonders were meant for as many of these gothic beauties are impossible to see from the ground.



Hidden Gems

My favorite meeting was with a food vendor who was very excited to have his photo taken.



For those who can’t wait for halloween, here’s a creepy yet famous statue of Saint Bartholomew.


Musculature: On Point

For my closing notes on Milano, I have one question.



Why are overalls popular? My father has been trying to popularize this look for the last decade. So if someone can please explain this, I’m open to thoughts.



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