Chocolate Fairs and Romanesque Cathedrals


Typical winter weather in Florence, Italy; it rained all Valentine’s weekend. Sadly, photos from the cathedral San Miniato Al Monte were spoiled by the dark environment. Romanesque architecture is dominated by thick walls, small windows, and rounded arches. So when it’s dark outside, it’s dark inside. San Miniato is a over a mile outside of Florence, and as can be expected like a name ‘Al Monte’, it’s an uphill walk the whole way.


The facade and interior of San Miniato are decorated in geometric patterns of green and white marble. Harkening back to Byzantine architectural style, the facade mural and apse are done in gold. I suggest taking time to buy some homemade food stuffs made by the Monks of San Miniato. The Cantuccini, hard almond and orange biscuits, go perfectly with sweet wine; a classic Tuscany dessert.

Outside Santa Maria Novella, in the city center, was a chocolate fair. I repeat, a fair solely devoted to the viewing, consumption, and buying of chocolate. It was difficult, but I was able to pull myself away before gaining ten pounds. I might have gained nine.IMG_0344


Outdoor Gallery of the Uffizi


Ponte Vecchio and the Arno River



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