This weekend, I went to visit a friend in Milan. Though I was only there for a short period, I had a good overview of the city. Most importantly, there’s graffiti of Bender. This may be as important as all the cathedrals combined.

The culture, art, and food of northern Italy has been influenced by France, Switzerland, Germany, and Austria. A popular recipe borrowed from the French is brioche. Mornings in Milan aren’t complete without this hearty yellow pastry and a cappuccino.


After breakfast, it’s time to see the sights. Our first stop was the cathedral of Santa Maria Nascente. This gothic cathedral has become one of the most important landmarks in all of Milan.


To the right of the cathedral is the Milan Galleria. This used to house a McDonald’s, but after the 2015 world expo, is now home to a Prada outlet. The galleria is named after Vittorio Emanuele; the first king of Italy.


After seeing the sights, it’s time for lunch:


And an (large!) espresso:

Espresso cupts

Milan is a fascinating combination of modern and antique. Somewhere between the cathedral and the infamous middle finger statue, you find Milan. I suggest taking a walk, eating a macaroon, and posing with something unique.


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