Jesus Disks

Traveling to Italy brings along the opportunity to see some of the greatest art in the world. Lucky for me, not all of it sits in a museum. Graffiti and it’s hesitant status as art has been debated all over the world. Here in Perugia, I’ve found some art I’d like to share with you.

Jesus Disks: Pictured Above.

These rooftops are easily accessible from the road. Several old satellites were first painted a base color of blue, purple, orange or green on which an image of Christ is superimposed. For a country with such strong ties to the Catholic Church, it makes me chuckle to see rules being broken in such a “holy” way.

Each city that I’ve visited seems to have a signature artist. In Florence, there seem to be two artists with very distinct emphasis: stick figure and classical art. Our stick figure artist sticks to a palette of white, black, and red. Blub, gives famous artwork an aquatic feel.


FSA 10

One or maybe many artists in Perugia do simple portraits. They sit at eye level on walls bordering high traffic streets. These are the only ones I’ve found so far, but I hope there are more to be discovered!!


Jessica Rabbit


Untitled Male



I love traveling. I love art. I love the individuality of every single city. I’ve come to think of graffiti as a part of the development of urban personality. Which makes appreciating graffiti a part of getting to know my new home.


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