I Moved to . . . Kansas?

If you don’t like the weather in Kansas, just wait, it’ll change within an hour. I have learned that the same goes for Perugia. Yesterday, the day started out sunny and bright and ended in nasty, cold rain. It’s predicted that we’ll have snow on Sunday. And I thought I had moved so far away.

In a continuing Kansas theme. . .

There’s even a yarn shop!! I was so excited to find some like minded crafters. The proprietor was a little unsure about standing in photo, but I did manage do capture this smile. If you’re looking for some Italian-made alpaca yarn, this is the place to shop.


None of my photos come close to showing the true, natural beauty of Perugia. Lucky for me, if the scenery is hard to capture, other wonderful aspects of Perugia are a little more photogenic.

Perugia is not only visited by Ferrari in the summer, but by car hobbyists through out the year. The detail that goes into the preservation of classic cars is absolutely stunning. But I found the car I really want. I think it matches the hippy, dreadlock lifestyle. I can just see myself riding around in a green Volkswagen bus.




I hope some sense can be made of my rambling thoughts. I raise my glass of vino to another week in Perugia. In reality, to another week in the Kansas of Europe.


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