Day One!

The last week has been a real adventure. My Dec. 28 flight got cancelled and was rescheduled for Jan. 1st. To add insult to injury, my luggage was lost in transit. *Whew* it’s been a rough go.

Once I found my hostel, Ostello Mario Spagnoli, I was a little intimidated by the clientele. I’m one of three women in a sea of men. If I hear “Mamma Mia, mi piace tu,” one more time, I might hurt someone. The Pakistani men warmed up to my presence fairly quickly and we had a good time trying to talk and translate. I might take them up on their offer for Pakistani food tonight.

This morning, I woke up late feeling well rested for the first time in days. I took the Mini Metro into the city center and felt right at home. I navigated my way through the city as if I hadn’t been away for months. I found my school, apartment, and the police station. Every expat needs to show their visa at the posto di polizia within seven days of their arrival for proper documentation.

Tomorrow morning I move into my new apartment and meet my roommates. I have a testo d’ingresso (entrance exam) in the afternoon and begin school on the seventh. I can’t wait to begin!! I still cannot believe that this is my life!! Maybe after a week or two I’ll finally realize that this is not just a visit.

Until Friday, I bid you ‘Buon Giorno’!


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