The Countdown

I’ve had my cheese fries (pictured above) and enchiladas. I spent time with family over four Christmas celebrations. Now it’s only two days till Florence, Italy and the reality is finally setting in.

The reality of moving is a little daunting right now, so I’m going to show you what a real Kansas Christmas looks like. After the early morning gifts, it’s time for chores:


Feeding the Sheep


Waking the Piggies!

When chores are finished we make biscuits, gravy, and fried apples.


Cast Iron Forever!

Finally it’s time to sit around in your overalls and share the warmth from the wood-burning stove with your loved ones.

I’m preparing to make a new home for myself a quarter of the world away. Italy is known for fashion, food, history, and art. Kansas is known for tornados, a yellow brick road, and wheat. Maybe there is somewhere in between. The countdown, the search, and the anticipation have begun!


One comment

  1. Amy · December 26, 2015

    Beautiful pictures with loads of memories attached! I know you’re nervous – how could you not be? You will have an adventure, and you will thank yourself for this adventure in the future. ❤

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