My Last Week in the States

The above picture was taken at my brother’s wedding this past summer. This also represents one of the things I will miss the most while I am abroad; my family. This picture is the most recent photo with everyone present. Both grandmothers, an uncle, parents, all five children (groom included), bride, and a very nervous flower girl all smiled at the same time. A real miracle.

Contemplating my last week at home, I have a included short “bucket list”.

Food: Charlie’s cheese fries and red enchiladas. Charlie’s Restaurant is part of a local truck stop. Open 24/7, it’s a favorite among the Bethel College students for late night, artery clogging, decadent, and greasy cheese fries. Newton,KS is home to a large hispanic population. There are multiple tex-mex restaurants in town and I really need an enchilada right now.

Families: Not only will I miss my true family, I will miss my pseudo family. A former roommate integrated me into his family, who welcomed me with open arms. His nieces, one pictured below, are the cutest children in the world (at least until one of my siblings has children). I am excited to spend part of my Christmas break with both of my families.

Maggie and ME

And that’s it. All I want is food and family.

Besides my bucket list, I’ll miss the places. I’ll miss Bethel College and the students, faculty, and staff who’ve made my time there so memorable. I’ll miss traveling to Alaska, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. I’ll miss my grandma’s farm and the mulberries that will ripen while I’m away.

Writing this has been a wonderful way to remember the beauties of America and my home. I’m excited to start this next chapter, but I can’t wait to come back!!

Audra's Photo

Photographer: Bethel graduate Audra Miller

Musck Ox

Alaska: baby musk ox



Arizona: the view from Picketpost Mountain




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