Searching for Peace

I don’t like using words like ‘brave’ or ‘courage’. I think daily life is an act of bravery. But I’m just self-centered enough to talk about it.

Taking those brave steps, that mold you into the person you are meant to become, is terrifying. I have also found, that they are some of the most peaceful experiences. Traveling this past summer was often frightening or stressful (lost in Napoli). But the peace of waking up in the right hostel, resting in a quiet chapel, and making new friends was overwhelming.

This kind of peace was addictive and religious. I fully understand why people center their lifestyle around traveling. To my family, my apologies, I intend to travel until I absolutely cannot!

This may not have been the most famous or beautiful cathedral, but it was one of the most welcoming

Cathedral in Perugia

My hostel in Napoli (Giovanni’s House)



One comment

  1. Mary Tibbets. in Texas · November 6, 2015

    Sounds like one knowing what she wants and gives her peace and joy. Don’t forget daily Proverbs. GM


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